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Blue Dye Stained Limestone

Homeowners in New York City contacted their property manager when their limestone shower stall floor developed a leak. The building superintendent used a blue dye to find the leak, not realizing that the dye would be absorbed into the limestone and leave behind a stain. After attempting to remove the stain without success, the superintendent called us to find out whether it could be removed, otherwise he would have to replace the stone for the homeowner.

Our Limestone Stain Removal Process

First, we cleaned and honed the limestone, which lightened, but did not completely remove the stain. Next, we applied a poultice to the stained areas. A poultice is a cleaning or chemical solution mixed with an absorbent medium, such as powder, paper, or a gel. We allowed the poultice to dwell for several days to draw out the stain. We removed the poultice and used stone-safe pH-neutral cleaner to remove any poultice residue.

The property manager was thrilled that we were able to remove the stain and help him avoid the hefty cost of replacing the limestone.

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