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Carpet Installation and Repair / NYC, NJ, CT


The Preferred Carpet Experts in the Tri-State Area

We’ve been the go-to company for carpet care in the NYC and Tri-state area for over a century, but our services go beyond just cleaning and protecting. If you have purchased carpet and need expert installation, give us a call. Our highly trained mechanics can install your carpet over padding or glue it down. If you have problems with your carpet, we can resolve issues including missing fibers patching, repairing seams, stretching your carpet to remove wrinkles and waves, and installing new padding.

All appointments are scheduled on a day and within a time range at your convenience for minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Are you looking for help with carpet installation or carpet repair services in the NYC | NJ | CT area? Contact us online or call us at (718) 389-9150 to discuss your needs.