Marble Vestibule Floor Restored

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The Original MARBLE Problem

This marble vestibule floor in a late 19th century Brooklyn brownstone had scratches, etching, and a build up of dirt and grime. We were called in to restore the floor, but it turned out that normal marble wear was not the only problem…

An Unexpected Challenge: DYED MARBLE

The border appeared to be a typical red marble, but once we started honing away the damage, we discovered the border was actually a white marble that had been painted or dyed. Neither the homeowner, nor the architect, nor the restoration professionals who had serviced the floor in the past knew that the marble was white. Unfortunately, the homeowner had just finished restoring her home after a flood and had asked a painter to match the wall paint to the dark red border stones.

Our Solution: NEW DYE

After we finished honing the marble, we applied a product designed to break down any sealers in the marble. This enabled a new deep red dye application to soak into the stone uninhibited. For the dye formula, we used a red base, and then added other colors to achieve a perfect match with the painted walls.

Our client was very pleased with the outcome. As you can see in the AFTER image, the floor looks ornate and elegant once again.

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