Historic Limestone Staircase Restored

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Carpet Glue and Abrasive Damage on Limestone

This historic limestone staircase was in desperate need of repair and restoration. Hard, crusty carpet glue and decades worth of abrasive damage from ground in dirt and grit had taken a toll on the appearance of the limestone. There were lead anchors in the stone that had been used to secure a carpet runner.

The property caretaker knew he was in over his head, so he gave us a call.

Our Limestone Preservation and Restoration Process

We inspected the staircase and did a sample restoration of two steps. The caretaker immediately hired us to restore the rest of the staircase.

First, we honed a section of the steps, to reveal the true color of the limestone for color matching purposes. Then we removed or partially removed the lead anchors and used a tinted mixture of polyester resin and hardener to patch the holes. After the filler dried, we honed each step and the landing and then finished up with limestone sealer to inhibit staining.

The caretaker was so pleased with the final result that he told Fabra-Cleen they could consider themselves his go-to stone restoration company for other limestone restoration work needed throughout the 42,000-plus square foot building.

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