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Transportation Software Solutions

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Transportation Software Solutions

Kingsway Computing Solutions markets transportation management solutions to companies worldwide.

Since 1985 we have expanded our product line to cover enterprise wide transportation software solutions, bringing intelligence, management and control to all facets of the transportation industry.

When it comes to computing solutions, transportation is a special case. If you run a transportation company, you have succeeded because of the niche you have carved, and the way you run your business. Every customer, supplier, shipper and consignee have their own individual requirements. A good transportation system management solution allows for this and much more. As any President or Operations Manager knows, you need a totally integrated, fast and intelligent solution to move freight in today's price sensitive market. Kingsway's systems allow for total flexibility. Need a new set of rates? Easy.

New routing, service level, laneway? Your designated managers can load these instantly and be operational within seconds. No analysis, programmer or costly design intervention required.

We put your data to work by delivering the information to everyone at the right time and the right place. Whether it is on the dock or in the boardroom, we deliver.

Moreover, we are experts at adding additional functionality as you need it without costly down time or data re-entry. We operate in the real world just like you. The major feature of our systems is Return On Investment. We have been very successful in trucking and transportation for a long time, are good at what we do and have a track record to prove it.

Let us show you the operations, on screen dispatch and internet facilities.

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