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Same Day Courier Package

Same Day Courier Packages 

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Designed for medium to large Same Day Couriers, the system is modular in design. The Local & International Courier System provides a total solution for local and long distance courier companies.

Remote customers can access, load/ cost and trace shipments via Progress WebSpeed functionality.

Customers can also use multiple criteria to identify e-mailing destinations. On-screen dispatching is aided by e-mailing details directly to driver phones, freeing up time for dispatchers.

The system includes:

- Extensive automatic rating based on security-controlled user-maintainable areas, customers, and type

- Total solution for same day/overnight courier service

- Full WebSpeed customer access and tracking via www interfacing. E-mail pod to customers

- Fast and easy booking in as little as 10 seconds

- Optional imaging of delivery information for immediate distribution to shippers


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Instant ProcessedExcelOrderReportOrderDetailAccount

Demo Available   

B2BWebCourier package features:

  • FULL COURIER package & freight capabilities.
  • Fully integrated order entry and dispatching.
  • Local, and international capability.
  • On-screen dispatch with 2-way wireless communications . Centralized operation.
  • Fully interactive customer inquiry,tracking and reporting facilities via web and/or email.
  • Rating by Quote type. Pieces, weight, service level, location, customer, etc.
  • Accessorial costs and charges automatically entered on relevant shipments.
  • On-screen help

The Same Day courier package can process, dispatch, rate, oversee, and manage the entire courier cycle from order entry booking to account processing. At all stages of the package moving process, full control and built-in quality control features enable minimum delays and maximized pro?fit.

Additional integrated packages:

  • Imaging of POD details via web and/or automatic email module.
  • Full live EDI inbound/ outbound module.
  • Accounts AR, AP, GL.
  • Web accessible business intelligence decision support.

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