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Progress Packages

High Volume? Great! Our solutions are designed for multi-company, high volume fast transaction-based processing.

New Processes? Our architecture allows for instant addition for a wide range of additional functionality.

Rating, Costing? Full customer and carrier rating and costing. All accessorials fully customizable.

Payroll? Naturally. Full settlements for drivers, by carrier with details and vouchers.

Fuel Charges? Infinite variety, automatically generated. Generic or customized to clients, carrier, service level... lots.

Bar Coding? All ready to feed into the optional Imaging/ Documentation management option.

Plays well with others? We use the best and most current technologies available. If your current corporate information infrastructure can talk ODBC, SQL, or can gateway into modern technologies, chances are we already have it working.

10 users? 10,000? No problem, our technology can handle it.

Easy to use? Even though transportation demands a myriad of complexity, after a short training period, users are up and running.

On Line Help? Hit a key, totally controlled and customizable by the users.

On-Screen Dispatch? Of course. With 2-way Blackberry® interaction and updates available via our communications option.

Customizable? Absolutely. Each user has a unique pro?file which allows total control over system access and functions.

Internet Savvy? Of course! Our systems are designed to allow customers, carriers and your sales force to be totally on-line with our web based options. Dynamic customer reporting customized by the users.

EDI? Basic 214's, more specific? 940, or more esoteric 859's? Lots more available through our EDI option.

Reporting? By the truckload. Hard copy, screen viewable, e mailed or faxed directly from the screen.

Accounting Live and direct? We usually feed into your in-house system with customization, but we also have a full AR/ AP/ GL accounting system as an optional package.

Techy Stuff? All running under UNIX host based on Progress® 4GL Data Base. Web interaction under WebSpeed® Imaging, Java-based recall process.

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