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Kingsway Computing Solutions Inc has been established for over 30 years. During that time we have had the pleasure of consulting to a great range of corporations, with an equally great range of system and data processing requirements. Our customers range from small shops, to large trans-national corporations.
Progress Support/ Services Progress Support/ Services
Our products are applications and services built in and based on Progress Databases Products. We at KCS are very good at developing and supplying Progress based business systems, Progress is very good at developing and supplying very reliable databases.
Bar Coding Bar Coding
Bar Coding is a very important part of many dynamic systems. We have all the expertise to generate, print and scan bar codes for many different aspects of documentation and product movement. This forms a significant part of Kingsway's Imaging/ Documentation management systems.
Progress Emergency Progress Emergency
Emergency with your production system is a real EMERGENCY. We can assess the problems and instigate remidies. We have a lot of experience solving Progress DataBase and system problems whether it's Version 10 or Version 4 running on an old SCO box.
Transportation Packages Transportation  Packages
InstantFreight (TM) is a total freight management packaged designed for LTL and Full Load freight movements, can process, dispatch, rout, rate, oversee, and manage the entire transportation cycle from job booking to account processing.
Specialised Services WebSpeed Services
WebSpeed is a Progress product which allows dynamic activity to and from the Progress database. We have many applications written and running under this product.
Document Imaging  Document Imaging
Need the POD, cheque or purchase order at the click of a button? Well, now you can have it. Why not scan everything and retrieve the image over the intranet for forwarding as an e-mail. We can supply this solution for less than you think.
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