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Success Stories

Timax Messenger
Kingsway took full responsibility to have our web based business to business courier package on line and fully functioning within 3 months. Not only did we need to initiate our entire Internet strategy, we also needed to develop a totally new approach to customer service. The system was live within our tight time frame, and fitted seamlessly into our current data processing products.

Once live, we immediately began to gain additional customers and increased activity due to the benefits of this new business paradigm and a vastly expanded market.are totally convinced that the Progress WebSpeed product is a very sound platform to base our Web strategy on. We also have no reservations in recommending the skills and talents available from Kingsway Computing for web based systems.

Dale Weber, President, Timax Messenger

National Fast Freight Inc.
Transportation is a very dynamic, challenging and changing industry, and we at National Fast Freight needed to demonstrate our advanced customer service facilities through our data processing functionality to a wider audience. We have always been glad of our initial decision to base our systems around Progress products, and WebSpeed has not disappointed us. Kingsway supplied us with a perfect model to allow our clients to access data and therefore to allow National to drastically cut down on the time consuming aspects required from our customer service department. This has resulted in drastic savings in this area.

The system is designed to enable customer and client a great deal of control, via a simple e-mail address update. Keeping clients fully informed is part of our undertaking, and Kingsway has designed a low maintenance high functionality process which also pleases our clients. The clients can also place orders, request e-mailed document imaged POD information and even customised reports simply be logging into our web site.

Kingsway and WebSpeed has certainly produced a very clean reliable product which not only fully integrates with our current package, but is also extremely beneficial in closing with new customers - often giving them the final reason to use our services.

With such benefits of advanced technology National is now in the forefront of transportation and e-business services.

I have no reservations in recommending this combination for anyone wishing to become active in web based commerce.

Lori McCreight, General Manager, National Fast Freight Inc.

Seaforth Community Hospital
Kingsway Computing Solutions were contracted to act as our consultants during our Y2K migration.

This hospital required skilled technical advice and abilities to ensure that we coped with the move through this cycle.

The problem we had was heightened by the fact that the original system suppliers were not able to assist us within the testing time window and we urgently needed expert resources.

Even though the staff of KCS were not familiar with the package, they very quickly assessed the function, implications and data affected by the changes required. KCS were also able to offer valid alternate means of achieving our corporate goals in a very short space of time and met or exceeded all our deadlines.

Not only were KCS staff very knowledgeable relating to Progress, but also to the techniques and functions necessary for our operations.

We found KCS to be totally professional, and very capable in all aspects of problem solving and would recommend their services for any Progress data based processing.

Pam Nesbitt; Financial Analyst, Seaforth Community Hospital.

Transport Group Inc.
I have known and used the talents and abilities of Kingsway Computing and their staff for nearly two decades. Throughout this time, we have relied on Kingsway to identify issues, design and construct solutions, and follow up consistently and professionally at all times.

We have used KCS for everything from small fixes to very large multi functional projects. Over the years, the staff have been very innovative and able to make use of leading edge technology. This has meant that not only do we gain as a company, but we also keep ahead of our competition and are always able to give our customers the best service possible at competitive pricing.

Tom Altobello. Transportation Management Consultant, Transport Group Inc.

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