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About KCS

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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Kingsway Computing Solutions Inc.

We have been around for over 30 years, and during that time we have had the pleasure of consulting to a great range of corporations, with an equally great range of system and data processing requirements. Our customers range from small shops, to large trans-national corporations. Take a look at our client list.

As our name defines us, we supply "solutions", not more problems.

Kingsway Computing is a proponent of "write once, process many" approach to systems design and programming.

By this, we simply mean that we like to do it right, first time, not re fix and re pair corporate data processing systems ad infinitum.

At Kingsway, we have only top class professionals who are prepared to invest their time in a water tight no failure system.

All of our consulting services are based around Progress Software Products and associated services.

Kingsway's services, products and applications are typically based around very high performance situations, emergency issues and any aspect of transportation data processing needs.

We can and do supply custom designed, products and services. We built products specific to your requirements from total corporate system design, coding, training and installation, right through to a small 4 hour upgrade to your current applications. From "some when next month", through to "I need it last week!" time scales, we can be there. For you, your department or your corporation.

Of course, the reality for any company operating today is, as it always has been, to provide a product and/ or service which is needed in the market, and is priced not only to be sold, but also for your company to make a profit on. This aspect of business will never change and will never go away. We help the background aspects of this process by allowing you to concentrate on your core profit making process, while knowing that your data processing and capture process is literally second to none.

We do this and more, we also think we do this very well.

Jim Smith,

President, Kingsway Computing Solutions Inc.

January 2012

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